Sunday, January 23

Yesterday ?

Assalamualaikum .

First I went to Pizza Hut to settle down what I need to do . Then I met Razin and Shikin at WWM . I guess we had ' tawaf ' for several time . At 12 something Wadik came and we walked to TGV cinema . So we watched KHURAFAT . 

After that , we went to Pizza Hut . Okay , this is the best part . I never told Wadik what I had plan to him . Billion thank you to Razin and Shikin for helped me to do surprised small party . 

Tetiba aku dengar lagu Happy Birthday version recoding punya berkumandang so aku cakap la dekat Wadik nak suruh dia buat macam tu juga bila tiba hari jadi aku nanti but he replied , he want to sing for me without on record . Oh yeah , he ssoooooooooooo blush and me too yeaaah ! **Maunya tak blush kalau semua orang dekat dalam pizza tu tepuk tangan and sing together lol

Razin + Shikin

Next , we went to Tutti Frutti . Wadik merungut like warga emaaaas sebab dia sangat malu sampai tak nak datang Pizza Hut tu dah . Heh : /  Last sekali kitaorang gerak pergi Carrefour sebab teman Wadik beli groceries bagai untuk bawa pulang ke hutannnn . 

I love now . The new chapter of the new novel . Closing up the old one and keeping it nicely . Everything begins now . There's something small surprise from me to you but I hope that you will keep it as one of your best memories in your life . 

Thank you for everything. The wonderful outing . The sweetest dating . You make me smile again . I can't resist smiling all day long . I'm like nuts now. I'm sorry for my mistakes that I have done to you. Especially those that I didn't realize hurting you

* P / S : AWESOME day

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