Sunday, July 31

Islam is not just my religion . It is my guidance in life .

Assalamualaikum .

Wishing you 1 month of Ramadhan ,
4 weeks of bless ,
30 days of forgiveness ,
720 hours of guidance , 
43200 minutes of purification ,
2592000 seconds of Nur .

The Holy month of Ramadhan ,
For all Muslims has begun ,
Praising Allah through the day ,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray ,
We pay charity for those need ,
Trying hard to do good deeds .

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan . .

* P / S : I secretly can't wait for Ramadhan .

Saturday, July 30

Goodbye my friend it's hard to die . When all the birds are singing in the sky : (

Assalamualaikum .

Semalam ada dinner . Pergi sendiri , balik sendiri . What the hulk man , I'm an independent girl *damn perasan killer . So for all FLW senior , I trusting Allah won't make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier . Hope you guys will be able to climb all your mountains always . Best of luck for the future ! Panjang umur kita bersua lagi okay . Nice to know all of you : )

- Here have a story : D -

- The End -

FLW 2010/2011

* P / S : Mid sem is around the corner =,=

Monday, July 25

Have you ever wondered what life is about ?

Assalamualaikum .

Kenapa budak law kena belajar computer science ? Tak boleh ke nak drop ? Kenapa susah sangat nak jatuh cinta dengan computer science ? Kenapa nama components dia pelik - pelik ? Kenapa payah benar nak save term - term dalam otak ? Kenapa susah tahap puaka nak faham subjek computer science? Ke sebab aku yang tak ada minat langsung dengan subjek ni ?

Baca punya baca tentang computer science and the end yang ingat pasal America Realism , Positivism , Morality , Aristotle , John Austin and semua term - term pasal law . Hebat ! Study computer science tapi dalam memory save law =,=  Even dah nak mid sem tapi apa pun tak ada dalam memory tentang computer science . Too bad . I'll try to love you more than everything computer science . I promise  , I will .

* P / S : Many of life's circumstances are created by three basic choices . The disciplines you choose to keep , the people you choose to be with and the laws you choose to obey .

Thursday, July 14

I Will Never Say Never , I Will Fight ! I Will Fight Till Forever , Make It Right : )

Assalamualaikum .

Serius mengidam tahap puaka dengan apam kura - kura ni . Dah berbulan kot : ( Minggu ni minggu yang sangat tough but I believe a strong person is not the want who doesn't cry, a strong person is the one who knows how to be quite , shed a tear for a moment , and then picks up his sword and fight again . Don't give up because God's only testing us . Last but not least for unexpected result I'm really speechless and grateful . Alhamdulillah. 

* P / S : Yow Wadik , sem seterusnya kita target lepas untuk President scholar enough la . Melampau la kalau every sem nak 4 rata . Kau memang tamak haloba , dah bagi betis nak peha : D

Tuesday, July 5

Today Was a Fairy Tale

Assalamualaikum .

Giving up isn't a choice . Plain and simple , fight for it no matter how hard it fights back . Pergi campus and the whole day class cancel then still got the assignment for legal system and kena hantar by today juga and last semangat nak balik rumah but then blackout pula =,= 

Friday, July 1

Don't Say No No , Just Say Yeah Yeah

Assalamualaikum .
Disebabkan sem baru dah buka itu makanya tak boleh la nak selalu update blog . Jadual yang sangat pack buat aku menghargai masa itu emas . Wadik pun busy dengan kerja but then belum terlambat lagi rasanya nak wish Happy 365 Days with you . Nothing much I want to say , I just want to say don't stop praying because only Allah knows what the best for us . Sebelum start sem yang baru , untuk melepaskan gian maka aku pun pergi join student trip so see the pictures to describe the everything .

Tu jela yang larat nak upload . Life really a beautiful thing . And yes , sometimes is takes some really difficult obstacles to happen to realize that .

* P / S : I miss my OLD classmate : (

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