Sunday, May 12

Love You Loads !

Assalamualaikum .

Mama , I want you to know that I love you more and more as I grow older . I'm not going to wish Mother's Day since everyday is Mother's Day because mama does everything every day for her children . Besides , I don't need a specific day to tell you how much I love you because alhamdulillah I never fail saying it everytime I talk to you . 

You inspires me , mama . You're the only one , only one that gets me . No matter what we go through , how much we argue because I know at the end you'll always be there for me . If there's one person in this world who can love me unconditionally , care for me without limits and make me smile effortlessly , it's you my dear pretty lovely caring adorable mama . 

You're one strong woman and I'd love to be just like you in the future . For me , Mother's Day is everyday as every day I'll strive to make you proud of me . Thank you for all sacrifices mama . Thank you for taking care of me and educate me . Thank you for being the best place for me to cry and share things . You are my greatest bestfriend . You are my queen . I love you , mama . I love you to the stars and back , and even more . 

May Allah bless your beautiful soul always . If it weren't for you mama , I wouldn't be where I am today and I owe it all to you . You taught me a lot , from how to eat , how to seat , how to behave , how to dress , how to share , how to appreciate , how to listen , how to respect , how to live life , how to get up when everything's falling , how to keep on moving and how to love . Thank you for everything to my true soulmate ever , my lifelong friend , the one I can't live without , mama . I'm always here for you . FOREVER .

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Liza Nova said...

nice post! Love it! Tahnks for comming :-)

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