Wednesday, February 8


Assalamualaikum .

We can never expect the unexpected because life is full of surprises . You might think it's wrong , but only Allah knows what's best . Friends becomes enemies , strangers become best friends , boyfriends become alien . Because we don't know what tomorrow will bring .

So hargai dan bersyukur dengan nikmat yang diberi sebelum semuanya ditarik balik . Apa guna kita berkawan kalau asyik bermusuh . Apa guna kita bersaudara kalau suka bersengketa . Apa guna kita berjaya kalau hati penuh dengan kepalsuan .

Not everyone is as lucky as you are . So be thankful for what you have , you might lose it one day . Please don't get too excited if something good happens , it might be temporary . It's just so hard to face the reality sometime but please be thankful and don't cheat . It's sad to see you couldn't appreciate what you have . Once it's gone , it's too late to turn back . . .

* P / S : Girl , enough is enough . I'm tired with all your drama Queen . I guess , this is the time to tell me the truth . 

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